Best And Worst Money Investments Anyone Can Make

Eric Darby


Money is what everyone works so hard for. When making monetary investments, people sometimes make mistakes either due to lack of proper research or events that were not foreseen when the investment was made. It is therefore very imperative for people to know the best places to invest in so as to make good returns continuously.

Every time the year winds up, it is important to take stock of the best investments. It is also important to take stock of the worst money decisions made in the year. In this case, we will focus on both best and worst money investment decisions people usually make.


After making a few thousand bucks, many people usually rush to investing in stocks without knowing the dynamics of the game. As much as stock investing is a wise move, many people do not take the necessary precautions before getting involved. However, with the right fundamentals, investing in stocks can be a very smart move. All that is needed is research, knowing how to predict market moves and knowing the most appropriate time to either buy or sell.

Internet investments

The internet has taken over in terms of how communication and business are done. There are many viable businesses online that one can make money but only if the right approach is used. There are also online investments that are precarious and yet those that take time to pick; but when they do, they make good money. Many people have made money through affiliate marketing, selling products and services online as well as in more risky ventures like online Forex trading and gaming.

When it comes to the latter, money can easily be made though the risk factor when compared to the ROI is very high. Forex trading is a risky money investment for beginners but for experienced traders, it makes them money quickly. However, offering services and affiliate marketing has made many people money though both methods take some time to pick.

Pyramid schemes

Pyramid schemes are the worst money investment places that one can get into. Many people who invest their money in pyramid schemes come out very disappointed because eventually, the pyramid schemes close business. However, those who are among the first people to join can make money because they recruit people under them which earns them some commission.

Real Estate

This has got to be one of the best money investment for many people regardless of where they live in the world. Though the ROI takes time, it is a solid investment that lasts for many years, and that has made many people wealthy. For anyone who wants to make a solid investment that will last for many years.