The Best City to Launch A New Business Venture- San Francico Or New York

Justice Foster


There has been a long sanding debate of financial experts, executives and entrepreneurs over which city is the best place to lunch a new business. In the long debate the city of New York and the city of San Francisco have been considered to be the top two choices. But, which of these two is best. To best find the answer, several factors must first be considered, and each city must be closely examined for what it has to offer as far as starting and operating a new business venture goes.

San Francisco:
According to Wikepedia, San Francisco is officially considered the financial center of Northern California. San Francisco boast everything from big business to high tourism making it ripe for new business start up. Since the technology boom, Silicon valley has exploded with new jobs in the tech business with tech giants such as Google, Intel and Apple just to name a few. Technology is what San Francisco and Silicon Valley are all about, it is a major pillar of west coast business. With technology advancing by leaps and bounds, San Francisco is the go place for tech start-ups. Skilled engineers, programmers and a high number of venture capitalist also add the he high appeal of San Francisco as a top runner for entrepreneurs.

New York:
New York is much more than the bright lights and stages of Broadway. While like San Francisco New York also has its high tourism dollars, it also has a high number of Fortune 500 companies. According to a New York Article, 52 Fortune 500 companies call New York City home. With Long standing money and business wisdom like that it is no wonder why many entrepreneurs choose New York to launch a new business venture. New York offers an entirely different perspective on business ventures. The east coast is not tech driven. In fact, one analogy could be while San Francisco is the analytical left brain New York would be the Creative right brain. New York is very strong in the ever changing industries such as fashion, music, and art as well as healthcare and manufacturing. However, the choice of the best city for a new business really comes down to more than just the city itself.

The type of business you plan on launching will play a huge role in which one of these two cities would best support your new business. Also you must take into consideration your target customer base as well as your staff and your own personal needs.