The Three Best Banks In 2016

Justice Foster


If you are looking to start a savings account or are looking for a loan, you will be in search of a reputable bank. In 2016, these five banks are expected to be the best to do business with. Furthermore, all of these banks are located in different regions of the United States. This means that you are likely to find a branch in your area to do business with. They are known to offer excellent rates on loans, and they offer high returns on savings accounts. Additionally, these banks are highly reputable, and they have been in business for quite some time. They also offer excellent online banking. This makes it possible to do business, without even leaving your home.

1- Wells Fargo:

Wells Fargo has gotten the rating of the best US bank for 2016. There are different reasons why it got that ranking. They provide a lot of excellent loan options to choose from. You can get loans for a home, credit cards, and vehicle loans. Additionally, Wells Fargo is great to do business with as an investor. Furthermore, setting up an account with them is extremely easy. You can actually set up an account with them online, without even leaving your house.

2- BBVA Compass Bank:

This bank earned second place. They have savings account interest rates that are better than average. The interest is currently at 0.45% for their one year certificate of deposit. BBVA Compass Bank also has great options for credit cards and other types of loans, such as mortgages. They also make it possible to do all of your business with them through the internet. You can even get your account started online.

3- Bank Of America:

Bank of America has branches throughout the United States. Since the bank has so many branches, you will have many locations to pick from. They also offer online banking, and it is possible to make transfers online. There are also numerous ATMs for Bank of America clients. This makes withdrawing money easy. Bank of America also offers financial advice to their clients in the form of videos. These videos are accessible through the internet, and they talk about a lot of different subjects. These videos discuss a lot of the basics of managing your money. You can learn to save, effectively budget, pay off debt, and improve your credit score by watching these videos.