7 Legitimate Ways to Make Money at Home

Geoffrey Algar


Finding ways to make ends meet can be very challenging for many people. Costs keep increasing and wages have not always increased in accordance with these cost increases. Many people try to make additional supplemental income while staying at home in order to supplement themselves. This article will highlight 7 ways to legitimately make money while staying at home.

1) Writing Articles: The internet is in need of many articles that are used for entertainment or for search engine optimization purposes (SEO). You can generate money by writing articles through websites that pay per word which allows you to accumulate small amounts that can help supplement your income.

2) Affiliate Advertising: If you have a website you can generate money that is calculated based upon the number of website views that you get on your website through affiliate advertising programs.

3) Creating an Online Store: An online store can allow you to generate money from your store through sales. Often you can use drop ship services and never have to take inventory. While the internet marketplace is very competitive there are ways to generate revenue online with an online store.

4) Babysitting and Day Care: More families have two parents working and need options for babysitting and day care. You can help these parents out by watching these children for parts of the day without having to leave your home. Parents will drop off their kids in the morning while they head to work and pick them up after the day is over. Many parents will be happy with the care you provide and pay significant amounts for these services.

5) Website Design: If you are a skilled web designer you can design a website from your home and generate revenue in the process. Advertise as a web designer and create some sample sites to show off your skills and to attract customers to your site.

6) Customer Service: There are many customer service jobs that allow you to answer phones from your home without having to head to a specialized center. These jobs are particularly easy to find if you have a technical specialty in one topic or another and have flexible hours.

7) Flexible Work: If the other methods don’t work for you, a traditional employer may allow you to work from home as a result of improved internet connectivity. More individuals are working from home and the flexibility of employers allow you to do so and earn a living without ever leaving your home.

As noted above, there are many different ways to generate money while working from home and you can use these methods with little risk and potentially large returns. Consider the aforementioned seven ways to generate money and help to supplement your family with these income sources.