The Highest Paid Jobs in America in 2016

Geoffrey Algar


When it comes to tracking down the highest paying jobs in America in 2016 people need look no further than the technology and medical fields. These are were some of the highest paying professionals are, but there are some jobs that people would be surprised to discover the lucrative pay.

Physicians and Surgeons

It is no secret that physicians and surgeons make a lot of money, but many people would be surprised to learn that the orthopedic surgeon has one of the biggest salaries. At the top of the pay grade these specialists can make more than 600,000 for the year.

The physicians that take on the job of working in the ER are also earning a handsome salary. Medical professionals in this field are able to make as much as $400,000 a year.


In order for these surgeons to do their jobs effectively they are going to need someone to administer the anesthesia. These anesthesiologists will have a lot of work to do, but they are well compensated for all the patients that they administer the anesthesia to. There are quite a few people that are taking interest in this because it gives them a high salary in the medical field, but they do not have to possess the same skills that doctors have.


Most people that visit a dentist office will find themselves spending more time with a hygienist than they do with the dentist. These professionals are not slacking though. They are the ones that come into the picture when some serious work needs to be done. The dentists that make sure that so many of their patients have a great smile are average $150,000.

Strategic Planning Directors

The strategic planning is something that a lot of people may have never considered before, but these professionals have become the backbone of many businesses. They have to consider when it comes to planning, and these directors will have salaries that are as much as $200,000 annually.

Senior Level IT Administrators

IT administrators have so much on their plates. They have to make sure that desktops are working, but they also have the job of keeping the network up. These administrators are in charge of servers and all types of network problems that can occur. The IT administrator can easily make six figures, but they have to put in a lot of hours.